Gold Star Teacher

If you currently live in Alaska or are making plans to relocate to Alaska, there is something you need to know: Alaska has some outstanding schools…and spectacular teachers.

Let me introduce you to two such people, Steve and Alicia.

tara close table

Steve is a math teacher in Houston, Alaska. Alicia substitute teaches at different schools in the district.  Just as you might suspect, whatever was needed from either myself, the lender or the title company throughout the home buying process–Steve went out of his way to ensure he didn’t have anything turned in late.

It’s always a treat to work with clients who jump in with both feet (or ten toes, and two feet if you think like a math teacher!).

Steve enjoys teaching in the smaller community of Houston because of the family atmosphere the school embraces.  If you ever get the opportunity to talk to him you will instantly feel the deep sense of purpose and pride when he talks about why he loves being a teacher.  I find it refreshing to meet a person so passionate for his chosen profession.

I don’t have to explain the excitement of closing on his new home in Houston–the picture (left) at the close table pretty much sums it up (sorry, I’m can’t stop thinking like a mathematician). It looks like hard working teachers + persistence, resilience and determination = happy new homeowners!

tara housefront

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Military Families Rock

Working with real estate buyer’s  within the State of Alaska is great.  However, working with military families as they relocate to Alaska is one of my greatest joys!  Moving from ANY state to Alaska requires a strategic plan; I am amazed at the ease with which my military clients transition entire families to beautiful Alaska.

Several months ago I had the privilege of working with Dan (left) and his family  in the purchase of their Wasilla home as they relocated from the Lower 48.  About two days later, Dan’s wife, Sonia, was on a plane, deployed for six months.


Dan and Sonia’s buddy AJ and his beautiful family contacted me about 6 weeks ago.  This week they signed the final documents (right) to their own Wasilla home…right next door to Dan and Sonia’s family.closetable

It’s a very humbling experience serving those whom have given and continue to give so much to and for our country.  Their strength, resolve, and ability to roll with changing circumstances are second to none.

Regardless the ups and downs that go with the process of purchasing properties long distance–I can’t remember hearing one complaint from either family.  They are cut from a fabric that embraces new experiences, and then holds on for the unexpected twists and turns in the road with a contagious optimism. Military families become families amongst themselves as their shared experiences bond the friendships forged along the way.

I usually discover at the close table–the finish line of a real estate purchase– that I am the one who has learned the most about what a real estate transaction is supposed to “look like.” What was once simply a house has now become a home for a family where new memories and friendships will be cherished.


Give me a call (907.315.1086) or shoot me an email ( if there is ever anything I can do to help you with your own real estate needs.

In the meantime…take time to thank our military men and women for all they have sacrificed for you.  You may walk away from the encounter with a new friend for life–

you never know.





Unexpected Sight Seeing Adventures

As a realtor, I find myself unexpectedly exploring different parts of Alaska.  Mostly I explore in a no-cell zone area when my GPS is inoperable, and I am lost.

However, being a mom takes me on almost as many unforeseen Alaskan adventures as does being a realtor.

This week I found myself in the parking lot of the Sutton Library waiting for my daughter to be dropped off from an event happening further up the mountain at a property I was told my Ford Focus would be unable to conquer (I wanted to make a double-dog dare with my daughter’s 4-wheel-driving-friend that I could INDEED make the ascent, but decided to act like a mature mom sensing my daughter’s nervousness at me making a scene!).

Instead, I visited the small historical museum that I have driven past countless times.


In 1900 coal deposits were noted in a couple areas in Sutton and Chickaloon.  The US navy funded development of the mines as a source of coal for the Naval ships in 1916; in 1922 the Navy declared the mines unnecessary and they were shut down and the facility dismantled.

This powder house was where all the explosives where stored–not to be confused with the place women go today to make sure their makeup is intact!


This Buckeye shovel was very innovative for its age and was made as a part of the World War II effort in Findlay Ohio.








Even a small town like Sutton Alaska is chocked full of history if a person is willing to slow down for a moment to look and learn; or if a mom or dad is waiting for their child to re-appear from the mountains from a friends house.

As an Alaskan realtor, I love to explore new areas and to discover and uncover information that might be of interest to a prospective new resident.

If you are in the market for a new home and are looking for an experience that brings you closer to nature and further from crowds–I know I can help.

Shoot me an email or be on the look out for a white Ford Focus making some dust in an attempt to scale the side of a mountain en route to a property with a view.