The Truth About Adventures

I realized something a couple days ago whilst my body was lying head first down the steep side of a cliff with my mountain bike toppled under me–adventures can be very NOT fun!IMG_1637

I found myself questioning my desire to live an adventurous existence.  After all, the verb definition of adventure is to “engage in hazardous and exciting activity, especially the exploration of unknown territory.”

Lying bruised and in pain on the cliff side of a rocky, muddy mountain huffing and puffing felt more like a woman lacking common sense as opposed to a woman engaging in a hazardous and exciting activity.

Now that I have both feet on level ground I am able to realize the truth about adventures.  An adventure take us outside the confines of “safe” and “certain”  pushing us mentally, physically and emotionally to places we did not know were possible.  And in the moment; we want to resist the hazards surrounding us because, well, adventures can be painfully difficult.

Adventures require action even mid-adventure when it feels you have nothing left to give.IMG_1633

The truth about adventures is that they are only amazing after the adventure has ended and you have somehow survived.  It is in that moment that you realize you are capable of so much more than you ever imagined.  Even if the adventure takes place on the side of a mountain with no one around to witness the moment you felt alive like never before–the truth is it really doesn’t matter.  You will know.  And for reasons that make no sense even to you, your mind will begin planning your next great adventure.

If buying or selling a home sounds like a frightful venture to you–I would love to help you turn a venture into an adventure. Let’s explore some unknown territory together and try to have a little fun along the way!




Amazing Iditarod Chic



Last August I met and worked with  Mary Helwig (along with her team of sled dogs!) in the purchase of a home in Willow, Alaska.  Mary’s passion for raising and racing sled dogs was her motivation for moving to Willow; known for its access to great sled dog trails.

A few months ago tragedy struck many residents of Willow, including Mary, when the 7000 + acre Sockeye fires destroyed 55 homes along with 44 properties which sustained major damage to outbuildings.

In a moment, the blink of an eye–Mary lost her home–she lost everything.  Thankfully, Mary’s dogs were not home at the time of the fire.

maryhuggingdog Mary is currently in the process of rebuilding her home.  Her positive attitude, fortitude and resilience remain intact.

It’s difficult to fathom starting over from nothing; everything down to a toothbrush taken by the fire’s fervor. Mary’s friends, family and community have stepped up to help in this time of transition.


We at Valley Market Real Estate thought it would be helpful to send gift cards (Cabela’s, Target, Fred Meyer’s, Lowes, etc) to assist with some of the necessary items in life that we often take for granted on a day-to-day basis.

To join us in our endeavor to give back to Mary Helwig, the amazing Iditarod Chic with an unfettered zeal for life, please send your gift cards to:

Valley Market Real Estate, 12901 W Arctic Ave, Palmer AK 99645.  If you have questions please call or email me (315-1086 or

We love dog mushers. We love Alaska. We love real estate.

Serving our clients well from “Start” to “Finish.”