Taking The Fear Out of Home Inspections

I have noticed a commonality among both buyer’s and seller’s when it comes to discussing a home inspection: both parties are a bit fearful and apprehensive.

This reaction can be prevented when your realtor explains the truth about why a home inspection is important.

Although in Alaska it is typical for the home inspection to be a buyer’s expense, it may prove more advantageous for a seller to take on this expense and here’s why: wondering what items may be out of compliance or not up to code in a home inspection can prove to be more fearful than hiring a professional home inspector of the seller’s choosing to conduct a thorough inspection of his or her own property.IMG_1748

Also, if a seller is both willing and able to hire a home inspector, they are then able to remedy whatever may need to be remedied long before a potential buyer takes his or her first step onto the property.  IMG_1750Not to mention, a potential buyer starts out well-informed about every detail of the property and is generally very thankful that they did not have to incur the expense of the home inspection themselves; although they are still free to hire their own home inspector should they chose to do so.

When a seller discloses a home inspection along with a list of repairs that have been completed based on the recommendations of the home inspection, there is less fear on both sides as everything has been fully disclosed.IMG_1751

If you are considering selling your property, let me help you navigate the waters of listing your property and preparing for a successful sale.  Considering providing a home inspection is just one of many ways a seller conveys to a buyer that they are serious when it comes to the successful sale of their property.

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Something For Everyone

Do you love open spaces and mountain views? Do you need a heated (large) workshop equipped with restroom? Do you love horses, or animals in general? Do you enjoy picking strawberries and raspberries from your own back yard? Are you looking for a rental to offset your mortgage? Or possibly mother-in-law quarters? Are you a commuter looking for the ideal commute location?

If you answered “YES!” to any of the above questions–I can help!

This spectacular property just hit the MLS TODAY! Click on this link to view: 1851 E Ted’s Place

Call me (315-1086)  and let’s make your dream come true together!

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Renegade State of Mind

As I take a look out my office window snow has crept almost halfway down the mountains already.  Winter is imminent.  I couldn’t be happier.

I used to live for summer and endure winter.  Not anymore. There’s something very beautiful about fall as we prepare both our homes and our minds for winter. 2014-09-07 16.13.07

Alaska winters can be associated with the word “slow” in the real estate world.  I think it might be the renegade in me that refuses to accept that philosophy.

My sister and I love winter hikes for the same reason.  We figure anyone can hike when the weather’s ideal; but not just anyone can hike in the cold of winter before the sun rises, wearing a head lamp to light the path.  Some might call it insane; we call it adventurous. 2013-12-04 08.41.53

Or maybe I refuse to believe that real estate will slow down when the weather turns to cold because I just finished writing an offer for an amazing lady who should be moving into her new home right before the holiday’s hit.

Let me encourage you, even as snow continues to cover the mountains, to stay the course in your house-hunting/house-selling adventures.  Fight the urge to stay indoors until spring. We all have a renegade side within us or we would not have chosen to live in the most beautiful state of them all–Alaska.

Call me (315.1086) or send me an email (sheila@valleymarket.com).  Even if I’m on the side of a mountain trying to reach the top before sunrise,  I am always within reach!

Sheila2013-12-04 09.42.28