Chicken Coops & Mountain Views

My Alaskan Realtor wheels have been putting on some miles over the last couple of months.  It feels that I have trekked every nook and cranny between Palmer, Wasilla, Eagle River and a bit in Anchorage.

That being said, there’s a lot of road time in between properties.  A lot of time to think. Lately I’ve been thinking about chickens.

I’ve been thinking about chickens because a lot of my clients dream of buying a piece of Alaska but only if that piece allows them to raise chickens. Better yet if they can have chickens AND a mountain view.matanuskariver2

Although I spent a large part of my childhood on a dairy farm, I have never raised a chicken.  We bought eggs from neighbors who wanted to raise chickens.

However, there was that one time when our oldest daughter’s high school agriculture class hatched chickens at which time she talked her dad into letting her bring home two chickens.  It was January in Wisconsin. The chickens had to stay in the garage.  The garage shared a wall with the kitchen.  One morning while eating breakfast we discovered that one of the chickens wasn’t a chicken–he was a rooster.  For weeks we listened to Chez the Rooster learn how to crow until at last we gave both Chicken and Rooster to Neighbor who raised chickens.

All of these memories are what I was thinking about the other day when another client shared with me his dream of raising chickens.

I had to ask.

“Why?” I asked, not wanting to offend but desperate to understand.

He took no offense as he shared with me in great detail of his many times away on foreign soil fighting for our country in the most tentative of environments.  He shared of lives lost. He shared of times that his own life was a breath away from enemy fire. On and on he spoke, his thoughts thousands of miles away as he told me story after story of where his path had taken him while on active duty.

Finally he stopped talking and looked me in the eyes coming back to my question about chickens.

“Chickens represent a normal lifestyle that a person longs for when they are not certain if they will ever make it back to “normal.” They represent something simple and good and safe.”

I cannot put into words how my view of chickens has changed.chickencoop

Not only did we find him a property with a fabulous ready-to-go chicken coop–he also has a mountain view!

If you are wanting to find a special property to raise chickens where you can slip away from the cares of the world–I would LOVE to help you. Give me a call (315-1086) or shoot me an email (

Sheila Cote