A Year in The Life (Week#6) — The Finish Line

 Just as starting a race is not as rewarding as finishing a race; the same is true when purchasing a home–getting to the close table is the desired goal.  This morning I had the pleasure of crossing the finish line with another very happy buyer.  Take a listen:
I would love to run alongside you in the process of purchasing or selling a home or business.  The process can be very fun when you’re working with someone who loves adventure and who is determined to get you across the finish line!
Give me a call or shoot me a text (907-315-1086) or send me an email (sheila@valleymarket.com).
Happy New Year!

A Year in The Life (Week #5)

This week leading up to Christmas has provided a great opportunity to re-connect with my clients by delivering homemade banana bread to their homes!  It’s always wonderful to have a good reason to touch bases and see how each clients new home has been working out for their families.  I’m sharing my favorite part of dropping in to say hello:

And you always learn something about your client that can be very interesting.  Today I learned that my past client was an Alaska homesteader in the 50’s.  He explained the reason he moved to Alaska (so that his cattle would have land) and the process of obtaining the land.  He also explained how the only means of transport at that time was the railroad.  Hard to imagine such a time.  Yet, so interesting to see the fortitude of this amazing 84-year old Alaskan and his amazing wife (the lady who opened her door for me in above video!!).

If you are looking to buy or sell property AND you love banana bread–please give me a call or text me (315-1086) or shoot me an email (sheila@valleymarket.com).  I would love to serve you in the amazing world of real estate.

Merry Christmas–


Week #1 (In the Life of An Alaskan Realtor)


I have decided to commit to delivering a video each week in the upcoming 2017 year to give a better picture of what life is REALLY like as an Alaskan Realtor.  Any input, suggestions, thoughts or constructive criticism are greatly encouraged and appreciated along the way.  After all, part of being a good realtor is having thick enough skin to not only withstand the cold but also to handle other’s suggestions–all for the end result of becoming better each day in our service to clients in the world of real estate.

Staying the course…


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