Foundations, Crawl Spaces, and True Beauty

A client joked the other day saying that I make him go into the crawl spaces of every home that they look at.  He is correct.

When you pull up to a property, it’s easy to be enamored with the beauty of the structure. Once inside the property, everything can appear to be ideal as well. ¬†However, it is this realtor’s humble opinion that there is one place that must be seen in each property to understand the honest truth about the property–the crawl space.

Often, crawl spaces are not easy to access. They may be tucked away or the lids may be covered with shoes, laundry, etc.

Move whatever you must move to pull off the cover because the truth lies hidden in the foundation, buried amongst Christmas decorations, spider webs and unidentifiable items that have landed in the darkness from mysterious places!

What does the foundation look like? Is there a vapor barrier–has it been installed properly? Is there mold on the subfloor? How does it smell–moldy, dry?

To proceed in the house-buying process without knowing the status of the foundation would be similar to dating a beautiful person without first learning about his or her core values and history. Inner beauty versus outer beauty is important in both instances!

Most might argue that a crawl space is anything but beautiful–but to me crawl spaces depict the most honest voices when determining whether or not a property is a good investment for my clients.

If you are looking to buy a home that is worthy of your investment–I would love to help you navigate through the process–wear your knee pads and bring a flashlight, this is about to get fun!

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