First Steps For Home Buyers In Palmer/Wasilla

I received an email this week from a future first-time home buyer in the Palmer/Wasilla area.

“What’s the first step?” she asked.

Coincidentally, my granddaughter Yetzy just took her first step a couple weeks ago. She was shaky and uncertain of herself at first; but she took the first step, and then the second. Now she is walking like a pro!

First step: contact several lenders to find out what amount you pre-qualify for before looking at homes. It’s much less disappointing to walk through homes within your known price range than to fall in love with a home that is out of reach.

If you don’t know a good lender; contact me (907.315.1086) ( and I can recommend a few to you that have been serving home buyers in both Palmer and Wasilla for many years.

Next, interview a few realtors–ask us anything–and chose the realtor that you feel will best serve your real estate needs. OR, visit our websites, read our testimonials, and see which personality and style best reflects your own.

FINALLY–don’t let our cold dark winter months keep you away from finding your dream property. Now is a great time to be a buyer and there are a lot of quality properties on the market. I have a spectacular property in Settler’s Bay that is meticulous and priced to sell. The entire home has been updated: new flooring, new interior paint, new appliances, etc.

Bundle up–let’s get out there and make your dreams come true!


A House is A House For Me

Many years ago when our children were young, we were given a children’s book titled, “A House is A House For Me.”

As a realtor, this title has taken on new meaning.

There is a checklist of items that I check off in my mind when walking through a house with my clients. In this regard, a house is a house for me. However, the people that I meet and have the privilege of working with are each unique and diverse and have their own checklist of items that are important to them–hence making a house more than a house for me.

Although it is a thrill matching the right house with the right buyer, the real thrill is learning not only the history of the house but the history of each client looking to make a house their home. A client is more than a client to me. A client is a single mom needing to create new memories. Clients are empty nesters downsizing, young growing families needing more space, sons and daughters caring for aging parents, or perhaps a pastor needing more space so a home can be used for ministerial purposes. Clients become people I care about: veterans, renegades, entrepreneurs, investors, pastors, and the list goes on and on.

My greatest joy comes not at the end of the transaction but everywhere in-between when each obstacle is overcome and each client becomes someone I fight for with all of my strength and ability.

The best part is when a house becomes a home for my clients. And when a client becomes much more than a name and real estate much more than an occupation for me.

Let me serve you in your home-buying or home-selling endeavors. Give me a call or shoot me a text (315-1086) or send me an email (