Three Truths About Small Real Estate Offices

I am very proud of both the company (Valley Market Real Estate) and my broker (Marty Van Diest) whom I work with in Palmer, Wasilla (and all the little places surrounding them) in beautiful Alaska.

One interesting statement I hear from time to time when discussing real estate with individuals is a concern regarding using a small real estate company. For some reason, consumer’s believe that “bigger is better.” While this may be the case in some industries, I would like to share three truths about small real estate offices, and why size is not a factor (and why I am so honored to work for one).

  1. All licensed realtors and real estate estate offices, regardless office size, have full access to the MLS. Since all realtors are technically independent contractors–this is a huge benefit.
  2. Every single house for sale on the market is immediately available to every single realtor the second it hits the MLS. Many realtors enjoy working from the comfort of their own homes–not sitting in an office surrounded by dozens of other realtors.There is no secret club that encourages realtors to only work with realtors in their own company in the process of serving clients real estate needs.
  3. Each real estate office has its own culture, regardless of size. The culture starts with the vision of each individual broker and his or her vision for the realtor’s under their watchful eye. The visions vary from one broker to the next; it is up to each realtor to interview with different broker’s to find out which broker best represents the vision and culture that fits him or her.

I have found my fit in a small office. Not because it’s small but because of the ethics, honesty and selfless vision of my broker. Though small in number, we are each diverse and together bring years of experience to the table. We have learned to embrace our differences and learn from our shared real estate experiences. We also learn from fellow-realtors who work in different offices; we are all in this together. Valley Market Real Estate is a small company that choses to do great things for each person that we serve.

If you are looking to buy or sell property, or a business–I would be honored to serve you. Give me a call or text (907.315.1086) or shoot me an email (