Open Houses–Do They Work?

For a long time I was an anti-Open House realtor. From time to time I would force myself to have one as a reminder of why they didn’t “work.”

At the beginning of the year I had a change of attitude when one of my seller’s properties which was under contract fell apart and we were in a time crunch due to a 1031 reverse exchange (a great topic for a different blog!).

I knew I had to do anything and everything to find a new buyer, time was of the essence.

So I held an Open House that weekend.

For the first 2 hours, not one person walked through the door. Somewhere in the 3rd hour a lady and her son arrived. By this point I was kinda crabby, but we struck up a conversation as we walked through the property . Two days later she brought her husband back and we wrote an offer. A few weeks later we closed on the property–a very happy seller AND a very happy buyer.

“Only 1 person through the Open House?” you might say.  “How many buyers do you need for one house?” the new reformed-me would answer.

My attitude about what a “successful” Open House was supposed to look like changed that day. 

I have made it my personal mission to host an Open House almost every weekend since my change of attitude. I have met some of the most amazing people. Oddly, my Open Houses have been “successful” not because I have written an Offer to Purchase each week–but because I have embraced a powerful marketing tool in understanding the value of an Open House. The value of getting to know people and learning how to listen to what they are hoping to find so I can be a part of matching the right person to the right property.

Last weekend I received a phone call inquiring about a property for sale and wondering if I had time to show the property. “I can’t meet you there today because I will be hosting an Open House” I stated. The lady asked me where the Open House was and when I told her she got excited, “Is this Sheila with Valley Market Real Estate?” she inquired. “I pulled up that Open House this morning and remembered you from an Open House you did a few weeks ago.” I remembered her and invited she and her husband to my Open House for coffee and cookies. They showed up.

Next weekend you will find me serving coffee and cookies at a hangar property on Wolf Lake that I just listed last week (6601 E Skyhawk Circle, Wasilla AK). If you aren’t busy on Saturday from 1-4:00; I would love to meet you!

See you there!


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