It’s Okay To Have Fun

Ever notice how serious we have become?

Don’t get me wrong; there’s a time and a place for “serious.” Real estate is serious business, yet it can also be a lot of fun.

Amidst the scheduling of showings in Palmer and Wasilla, I watch as my clients emotions range from hope-filled, to disappointed, and finally to animated joy once the perfect home is found. As a realtor I have discovered that a good dose of fun and laughter can (and should!) be intertwined into the gamut of emotions.

Walking into a property that is NOT a fit is a GOOD thing–we must weed out what is NOT a fit in order to discover what IS a fit for you and your family.

In real life, a new home purchase is a process that takes time, patience, endurance and the ability to learn something about yourself from each property. I make a mental checklist as you share what you do and don’t like. This helps me to keep my eyes open when a property hits the market that matches all your wants!

So, we might as well have fun and embrace the process, right?

That’s where I come in. I promise that the PERFECT house is out there! We WILL find it (and have a few good belly laughs along the way)!

If you are looking for a home, I would be honored to help you navigate through the maze of obstacles and challenges in the wonderful world of real estate.

Shoot me a text (907.315.1086) or an email (

Let’s do this!



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