When Life Brings Us “Opportunities”

My husband and I had dinner with some good friends last night.

Intertwined in our conversation of joking, catching up, and enjoying our meal came some thought provoking statements about real life. “It’s interesting,” stated our friend, “how some of the toughest seasons we go through end up teaching us valuable lessons that we could not have learned nor grown from any other way.” He continued, “And then one day someone walking through the same or similar situation crosses our path and without hesitation we are able to give sound advice and encouragement and most important: hope.”

It is oftentimes in moments when we are neck deep in problems that the most amazing inner qualities are being formed: patience, empathy, mercy, tenacity, etc.

When I think about real estate and the many clients I have had the privilege of serving, it is not the “easy” files that come to mind. Don’t get me wrong–I love a transaction with no hiccups! However, when mountain sized problems arise along the journey, we are given opportunity to grow as a person as we face each opportunity head-on.

The “real” in real estate is no joke!

When I am willing to summon the strength and courage to lean IN to a problem (or an “opportunity!”) I don’t allow fear to immobilize me or cause me to run FROM the situation. Finding solutions to problems is a learned skill–and there’s only one way to hone the skill!

I often tell my buyer-clients that the process of purchasing a property doesn’t typically “look” how they may envision it looking. In rare circumstances a buyer may find the perfect property very quickly. For most, however, the journey includes a few zig-zags between the start and finish line.

Crossing the finish line in a successful real estate transaction looks different from one client to the next. But the opportunity to grow from the experience is always up to each person. And who knows–some day when you are least expecting it you may be the person who is able to give encouragement, advice and hope from the “opportunities” you have been willing to face head-on.

If you are looking to buy or sell a property–I would be honored to work alongside you from start to finish–including all the zig-zags in between. Shoot me an email (sheila@valleymarket.com) or call/text (907.315.1086)