How May WE Serve You?

In the world of REAL ESTATE, as well as in life, one learns very quickly that the BEST realtors surround themselves with a competent group of teammates.

Alaskan owned Valley Market Real Estate is no different. As a fixture in the Palmer community, we at Valley Market Real Estate continue to provide exceptional service to our clients due to our relationship and teamwork with quality lenders, escrow officers, home inspectors, appraisers, local contractors and so on.

Home inspections are crucial–Palmer/Wasilla has many GREAT inspectors!

With such a diverse population, we know how to make each client’s file cross the finish line by understanding the skillsets and niche’s of our team, who, when brought together, becomes the perfect team for your individual needs.

For instance, if you decide to have a new construction built in lieu of purchasing an existing property–the team of experts representing you in the lending side, title side, and so on would be professionals who specialize in the niche of new construction. (By the way, Valley Market Real Estate warmly invites you to our FREE Real Estate Forum discussing everything you need to know about new construction next Tuesday 2/26/19 @ 6:00 at our Palmer office. 603 W Recon Circle, Palmer)

As a realtor in Palmer and Wasilla Alaska, I absolutely love working with outside-of-the box transactions. But the reason I love the challenge of something different is because I know I am not working alone. I am one part of a team of experts. All parts function together with the end goal to serve the needs of each Alaskan both present and future.

How may WE serve you?!; (907.315.1086)

Let’s do this!


Signing Closing Documents at the Title Company (AKA: Finish Line!)

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