Let’s Do This!

I have spent the last couple of weeks in the Lower 48. My husband and I began our journey in a small town in lower Michigan visiting our kids, but we also took a long road trip to the south, taking two different routes going and coming so we could see different areas of the country.

Living in Alaska, my idea of beauty lies in the rugged mountains and the untamed beauty we are surrounded by daily. As lovely as some of the countrysides we passed through were, nothing came close to matching the majestic beauty of Alaska. We are truly spoiled in Alaska with our landscape.

However, I am still in shock at the warmth and friendliness of the folks we encountered on our journey. Especially a sweet elderly lady working at one of the rest areas we stopped at in Georgia who complimented my appearance and informed me that when I came out of the bathroom stall, she needed to give me a big hug. Which she did. Before I could make it to the sink to wash my hands. I may need to bring some of that southern warmth back with me to Alaska. Except I will let you wash your hands before I hug you!

If you are considering a move to Palmer or Wasilla Alaska—it would be my extreme pleasure to serve you in finding your perfect Alaskan dream property.

Spring is just around the corner, and new properties are hitting the market every single day!

If you have not yet made the decision to pull the trigger and make a move—let me show you properties in Alaska via FaceTime or video to help you make the life-changing decision of whether or not Alaska should become the next chapter of your life’s story!

Shoot me a text or call me (907.315.1086) or send me an email (sheila@valleymarket.com).

Let’s do this!


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