Hand to The Plow

Exactly two weeks ago my husband and I pulled into the driveway of our farmhouse in Michigan. Our 200-year-old farmhouse is in need of a makeover but the process will be lengthy, tedious and laborious.

Two days later I jumped back into Michigan real estate at The Wagley Group in Adrian–the same brokerage where I first obtained my license as a Realtor nearly 9 years ago. I am quickly realizing that the best approach to Michigan real estate is to put my hand to the plow, eyes looking forward, feet at a steady pace.

This morning I took my first run down the dirt country road leading to our farmhouse. I thought about all the changes in my world and the difficulty of re-learning, re-establishing and navigating my new environment. Seems most of us like to present an image of ourselves that shouts, “I’ve got it all together!”

Right now I’ve got my make-shift office in a ripped-apart kitchen boasting orange countertops; my printer set up in a living room stripped of its lathe and plaster walls awaiting a makeover. I clearly do not have it all together.

However, today during my first morning run the thought hit me that life is a process of changes, renovations, and new environments. It’s ok to introduce myself as a Michigan realtor even though my driver’s license and license plate still say “Alaska.” It’s ok to welcome you into my 200-year old farmhouse during the ugly renovation process. And it’s ok to admit that most nights for the last two weeks I have hit the bed reminding myself that tomorrow is a new day.

I’ve decided not to wait with my Michigan real estate blogs until I can impress you with the polished version of myself.

Even during this time of transition, after wiping off the dust from my kitchen table, I was blessed to write two real estate contracts this week– in full view of my orange countertops.

So. I am excited to say that I am officially a Michigan Realtor. Welcome to my world–both my personal and my professional world.

How may I serve you? It would be my honor to help you purchase or sell a property.

Give me a call (517) 921-8651, or shoot me a text or an email (sheilalcote@gmail.com).

Let’s do this!

sheila cote

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