When No One Is Watching

Ever notice how the best parts of our worlds are meticulously woven together when no one is watching? We aspire to reach specific goals, yet the behind-the-scenes work required to achieve our goals is often known and seen only by ourselves, or possibly by our closest friends or immediate family.

My Michigan farmhouse home office/guest bedroom!

Some of my best creativity and real estate solutions have materialized within the environment of my simple home office. In my anonymous office, I can work uninterrupted, think clearly through best and worse case scenarios, negotiate contracts, and face conflicts head-on as I battle for the best outcome for both buyer and seller clients.

Find what motivates you..and roll with it!

When no one is watching, our true selves emerge. Doubt and fear get kicked aside as we discover our true grit. In real life and real estate–courage and determination go a long way!

We find out best who we are when no one is watching. And our best contributions are eventually revealed when the time is right–a successful real estate transaction, a sermon from the pulpit, writing a book, teaching a class, serving in the military, etc.

Whether an idea that keeps you awake at night or a passion that brings out the “real” you–there’s no time like today to take the first or next step toward becoming the person you know you are when no one is watching.

I would welcome the opportunity to serve you in buying or selling a property in Michigan–I will do my best to become the hardest working realtor you know. Call or email anytime (517.921.8651 sheilalcote@gmail.com).