About Us


My interest in real estate started long before I became a realtor; I have always been intrigued by both the commercial and residential side of real estate.  Our first business was started with the profit my husband and I made from restoring a fixer-upper. Our first commercial purchase taught me the necessary in’s and out’s of a business loan. I lived in Anchorage Alaska in the 80’s and saw first hand the effects of a market crash; I was intrigued to educate myself to understand both the economy and the economy’s impact on the real estate industry.

I strive to serve my clients looking to sell or purchase property with the same service I would hope to receive when making a huge life-changing decision: with respect, professionalism and tenacity from start to finish.

I grew up on a dairy farm, the daughter of a hard-working farmer who instilled into each one of his kids the importance of ethics and pride in one’s work.  He also drilled into this realtor the importance of starting strong and finishing strong with everything I set my hand to accomplish.  It is truly an honor to work with some of the greatest people I could  ever hope to meet in the real estate industry.

Whether you are a novice in real estate or a seasoned investor, working together with a real estate professional can prove to be an asset. My goal, always, is to do the legwork in researching a property’s history as well as taking my clients step by step through the process of either buying or selling a property, a business, or land. Keeping my clients best interest in mind, I am able to help each person reach their final goal AND enjoy the process along the way!!!

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